How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

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By Gracie Roloff

The hair is every womans crowning glory. Having a beautiful hair is a plus factor in most women and men are so attracted to women with long, shiny hair. A lot of women go to the salon and spend unusual amount of money just to get their hair done, cut, perm, hot oil, hair spa, hair polish, hair rebond and many other hair treatments and acquire the perfect hair.

Its very uncomfortable when you feel the itchiness in your scalp in a crowded room. Not to mention you are wearing a black top. Flakes will fall without any notice and people will see this even from a far. These flaky villains are called dandruff or scur or Pityriasis simplex capillitii, the scalp is shedding of some dead skins which we call flakes. The rejuvenation of the skin is a common process in all parts of the body with skin, but if the renewal is rapid, then we notice the flakes. Excessive flaking can be caused by fungal infection and some are caused by frequent exposure to extreme weather.

Dermatologists said that dandruff shampoo can help reduce the flakes. Some medical treatments can prevent dandruff from coming back. A lot of brands of dandruff shampoo claim that they get rid of dandruff faster than the leading brand because they have salicylic acid and some other elements that can help prevent the shedding off of the skin. There some herbal treatment also. Some home remedies on getting rid of dandruff such as, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, lemons olive oil and essential oils which all of them are easy to use, just apply on the scalp and massage leave on a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. These are all readily available in your pantry.

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Remember we have different types of skin. Shampooing everyday is a must for people with dandruff. When you found the one that works for you, keep using it until no flake will fall from your head and no more irritation, no more embarrassing itchiness situation. You will be able to enjoy your favourite black top and suit again.

With dandruff, youre going to find that there are so many options. If the problem continues to happen, what youre going to want to do is consult with a local salon. These salons have many products that they can recommend to you. While you wont have to get your haircut done, just walk in and ask.

Keep in mind that these products are going to cost a few bucks more than your typical shampoo at your local grocery store. Another great way to find these products is simply by looking online. Look at reviews, and more to see what other people are saying.

Again, some things are going to work, while others wont. Be sure to implement some of the tips above to see if they can work for you. Prevention is the key here, and as long as you can prevent, theres a good chance that it wont come back to haunt you.

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