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The Benefits Of Custom Commercial Kitchens

The Benefits Of Custom Commercial Kitchens


Malcolm M Cox

The difference between commercial and domestic kitchens is stark. While kitchens in the home are only designed for small scale cooking, commercial kitchens in restaurants and catering facilities must accommodate an entire team of chefs and serve hundreds of meals daily. Not only are commercial kitchens busy, they also must meet stringent regulations for safety and cleanliness. Due to the unique requirements of commercial kitchens, it is not possible to repurpose materials and kits designed for domestic use. Instead, businesses in the hospitality industry almost always require customs built kitchens.

The great thing about customised commercial kitchens, is that they are superior in almost every way to their domestic counterparts. Below are just a few of the compelling reasons to have a custom kitchen designed for your business.


Being a fast paced working environment, it is crucial that commercial kitchens are built with durability in mind. Because of this, designers of custom commercial kitchens avoid using wooden or laminated bench tops which are commonly found in domestic kitchens. These materials are poorly suited to the rigours of a commercial kitchen, as they are far more easily damaged than bench tops made from harder materials, such as stainless steel.

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Even with durable materials, it is also imperative that commercial kitchens are well constructed. Poor workmanship can result in easily damaged benches and preparation surfaces. It can be a disaster to have the kitchen damaged during a peak period, so you need to ensure that you only employ the best contractors to construct your commercial kitchen.

Quality Fittings

While it is important to have quality bench tops and food preparation surfaces, it is also crucial that top quality fittings are used when designing and constructing a commercial kitchen. Any cooktops, ovens, range hoods and even taps need to be able to stand up to a real beating! Chefs and kitchen staff are not known for being gentle with equipment in the kitchen they are much more focussed on working quickly and efficiently! You need to ensure that all the fittings in the kitchen are ergonomic and durable. Products for the domestic market rarely measure up, so you need to ensure you only use quality fittings designed for commercial kitchens.

Custom Designed

They key benefit of a custom kitchen should be obvious it can be modified to exactly suit your requirements and the constraints of your building. If you are not accustomed to working in kitchens yourself, you should either consult an experienced chef or follow the advice of the contractor you have hired to design the kitchen. Commercial kitchens have a very specific layout and if you get it wrong, it can severely hamper the ability to serve food quickly and efficiently.

Stainless Steel Construction

As mentioned above, most commercial kitchens use stainless steel in their construction. As well as being durable, stainless steel provides a very sanitary surface for food preparation. Stainless steel has properties which make it resistant to the growth of bacteria and it is easily kept clean. In many jurisdictions, stainless steel food preparation surfaces are a mandated food safety requirement.

For more information, or to have someone design a kitchen that perfectly suits the need of your business, you should contact a specialist contractor in your area.

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